Who We Are

TRQL Radio is a digital radio and a digital radio ONLY! As a matter of fact, the future for the radio is the Web, and possibly new IP protocols. All the rest is just rambling (DAB, DAB+, …). And this makes us VERY ANGRY when we hear national radios spending public money inconsiderately chasing chimeras !

TRQL Radio is about computer code and computer code ONLY! Software eats the world and radios that haven't understood this basic fact won't be able to survive! We predict their fallout within 5 years, we're grieved to say! As a matter of fact, we have changed the way Radio shows are created. Yes, we knew how to do it the classic way (we've been in the radio industry for a while), but we have decided to be innovative to the max. There was simply no software solution out there that could help us. Therfore, we have created ALL our code ourselves, which permits to implement what we feel should be implemented.

TRQL Radio is about a strong musical format : Adult Contemporary. And Adult Contemporary ONLY! We HATE commercials; we HATE indistinctive and uninteresting blahblah. And, most of all, we HATE bad music and there are plenty of radios with extremely BAD music! Sad!

TRQL Radio exists for (1) the listeners and (2) the artists. We exist ONLY for them. We didn't create TRQL Radio for the money! As a metter of fact, we spend a lot of our personal money to make this radio possible! Well … and … for fun! We're dedicated to give you the best we can.

Strong statements, huh?!? Yes! We do not worship waffle language! You're here with people speaking the truth! We're OPEN and TRANSPARENT. It's a way of LIVING, BEHAVING and SHARING! TRUE and REAL!


TRQL Radio's Listening Committee

We spend a lot of time listening to old and new material. These are the persons in our "Listening Committee" (so far):

Ma journée commence par 2 cafés serrés, l'écoute des bulletins d'informations générales sur différentes radios afin de rester à jour au niveau de ce qu'il se passe dans le monde. Ensuite je m'installe au salon. L'ordinateur étant sans cesse allumé, je relève le courrier électronique. Je découvre dès lors les nouveaux concerts annoncés, les futures sorties « cd » ainsi que les potins du monde musical. Vous l'aurez compris, je suis abonné à des dizaines de newsletters en rapport avec la musique en général. Ces newsletters permettent d'enrichir ma culture musicale au quotidien. Que ce soit du Jazz, de la Soul, du Funk, du son West-Coast et de la Pop musique.

Je parcours également YouTube car étant abonné à de multiples chaînes musicales, celles-ci contribuent également à la découverte de nouveaux morceaux ainsi que de nouveaux ou futurs talents. Ceci étant très important pour le Comité d'Écoute dont je fais partie.

Ce travail de recherche et d'écoute permet au catalogue musical de TRQL Radio de s'améliorer sans cesse, d'alimenter le catalogue de base, d'y apporter les nouveautés sélectionnées par le Comité et de contribuer à la réalisation de séquences et/ou de journées particulières. Faire partie du Comité d'Écoute est un plaisir quotidien. Avouez qu'il y a pire comme travail.

Je vous laisse ici car mon téléphone sonne. C'est probablement une proposition d'interview ou un concert, voire les deux. Vous le devinez … la musique ??? Que du bonheur !

I am so honored and pleased to have been approached and invited to become a member of the TRQL « Listening Commitee ».

As a musician lover for more than 50 years I had the opportunity of listening, appreciating and meeting a so large number of musicians while working for some medias (Megastore, Radios, Clubs).

Now as a Community manager I am still in contact with some artists, blogspot owners, and few music business workers.

With my computer always connected to the web it's easier to stay in touch with all these guys who are still making this music I loved, I love, I shall ever love.

Having subscribed to many notification sources I receive daily news from all over the world about music and musicians. I have big opportunities yo discover old and new musical talents as well as album releases which can fit the TRQL program.

Browsing websites in search of the "pearl" novelties is also one my daily quest.

It's such a pleasure to learn every day what's happening here and there in the music areana and to share it all around me by AIR WAVES.

Giving the opportunity to the artists to be heard, listened and loved is the main purpose of my collaboration with TRQL Radio.

My commitment in this adventure is a pure LABOR OF LOVE.


I've been inactive in music for so long that I need to work twice as hard as anyone else in this group to catch up with these guys!

This translates into 1 à 2 hours a day, listening to new music, groups I was not acquainted to, etc.

This role spans many areas of the radio and results in many artist contacts, email checking, downloads, catalog updates, selection of Air Powers, and the likes! But you know what? I love it!

Adult Contemporary Music ONLY!

Where Are We Exactly?

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